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Dolls from L to Z

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Marie Osmond Adora Belle Series

Adora Beau Groom MINT-16" Adora Beau, 2002. All vinyl boy doll with blonde hair and brown eyes, dressed in black tuxedo and hat. MINT in original box with all paperwork, stand included $45.00


First Love Stroller VG- 1978 original stroller for the Marx First Love doll. 26" to top of handles x 9 ¼" wide. There is no box included (the insert picture is from the back of a First Love box). This stroller has started to get a few surface rust spots on the metal and the plastic has begun pulling apart on the bar where it is attached, also there are a couple of small splits starting to appear. Rare item and very reasonably priced



1961 Charmin Chatty VG- 1961 Mattel 24" Charmin Chatty Cathy doll, blue side glancing sleep eyes with nice lashes and blonde hair. She does have a few plugs of hair under her bangs that are very short or missing but you have to hold her bangs up to see it. She is in great condition and talks some of the time, sometimes a little fast but her pull string is nice and taunt like it should be. She will come with one, two sided record- good/famous so it could be the record instead of her. She has nice *color, redressed in a white knit shirt and black pleated skirt, white socks. I don't have any shoes in her foot size. *there is a glare on her eyebrow from my light and that is a reflection on her leg Picture 2   Picture 3   Picture 4 $45.00
  Mattel Patty O'Green NM- 1983 Mattel Rainbow Brite family doll 10" Patty O'Green. Excellent condition except the obvious, she has lost her dress so will come undressed as pictured. Hair is in original set including original hair ribbons,.she has no blush rubs nor stains $8.00
VG- Vinyl head my child, non original clothes. Hair is a little dry on ends $14.00
Tender Love
Vinyl My Child
NM- 1978 14" Mattel Tender Love: Baby Magic. All original and has her accessories. The magic wand fits into an opening in her left hand. Squeeze her tummy and she does tricks. The only thing missing is her little plastic rabbit $24.00
Mattel Hot Looks NM- 1986 Mattel Hot Looks 18" Elkie? wearing the pink party outfit that was sold separately


Naber Kids Wooden Dolls

These dolls have all been displayed. I am not real familiar with these so please ask questions.

13" Baby Alex 1994 EXC- 14" Naber baby Alex 1994 Convention Baby, reddish orange hair wearing cream color pajamas $35.00
17" Frieda 1988 EXC- 18" Naber Kid Frieda with booklet and her wooden charm around her wrist, one tiny dark dot on pants leg- didn't try to clean it (can be seen in picture). Reddish orange hair in braids and wearing either a biker or pilot outfit, I am not sure which one $75.00
17" 1986 Maurice EXC- 18" Naber Kid Maurice 1986, outfit matches Frieda's $75.00
17" Rita the Witch EXC- 18" Naber Kid Rita the witch, missing her mask. Rita is from a limited edition of only 200 making her very hard to find Picture 2 $125.00
Naber Kid Ashley VG- 18" Naber Kid Ashley, 1986. Has been displayed, her outfit has a few snags and some stains on it but she is in nice condition $40.00
Naber Baby Rufus EXC- 14" Naber Baby Rufus 1994, wearing navy blue sailor outfit $30.00
Naber Baby Carol EXC- 14" Naber Baby Carol 1995, wearing red sailor outfit. Has been displayed, there is a little bit of fading to her outfit $30.00
Naber Kid Elsi EXC- 18" Elsi, Naber Kid Indian girl 1991, wearing traditional outfit with matching panties $80.00
Naber Kid Elsi EXC- 20" Elsi Naber Kid 1991, wearing Navy uniform. She has her passport $125.00
Naber Kid Posi NM 19" Naber Kid Posi, 1991, wearing crisp outfit (elastic is shot), her hair is in seven braids $80.00
Naber Kid Ashley EXC- 18" Naber Kid Ashley 1988, big green eyed girl $60.00
Naber Kid Peter 1 EXC- 18" Naber Kid Peter 1988 $60.00
Naber Kid Peter 2 EXC- 18" Naber Kid Peter 1988, light fading to outfit $60.00

1995 Playmates Baby So Beautiful etc.
are the
all vinyl 15" wigged dolls)

 Star Trek ODO NRFB- Star Trek Warp Factor- Series 1, 9" Vinyl Action Figure Constable Odo by Playmates. Box is dated 1997. Ages 4 and up. $15.00
BSB 22 EXC- Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing non-tagged dress w/embroidery that is very well made, pink panties and yellow sandals $20.00
BSB 23 VG- Blue eyed blonde, non-original outfit with headband and matching panties, no shoes (topknot on hair has been cut off) $12.00
BSB 25 EXC- Dark blonde, dark blue eyes, tagged pants, new shoes $16.00
BSB 26 EXC- Dark blonde with dark green eyes, original outfit, new socks and shoes $22.00
BSB 27 EXC- Blonde with dark green eyes, original outfit with matching panties, new shoes and socks $22.00
BSB 28 EXC- Redressed blonde with blue eyes, red velour dress and new red sandals $16.00
BSB 29 EXC- Blonde hair with  amber eyes, original jumpsuit $18.00
BSB 30 EXC- Dark blonde with green eyes, wearing original red/white check sunflower jumpsuit, new sandals $20.00
BSB 31 EXC- Brown eyed blonde, wearing tagged dress, white panties and pink shoes $20.00
BSB 32 EXC- Brunette with green eyes, darker skinned (looks hispanic)wearing tagged outfit and new shoes $22.00
BSB 34 EXC- Blue eyed blonde wearing tagged floral jumpsuit, new shoes and socks $18.00
BSB 35 VG- Long light red hair with blue eyes and mauve lips. Redressed appropriately in very nice summer outfit with matching headband, no shoes. Her hair(and there is a lot of it) is a little dry and wild or I would have graded her as EXC $16.00

Sasha Dolls
Most of the Sasha's have sold but there are a couple left on this page


None available at this time

Tomy - Tonka - Tonner - Tyco

17" Kimberly EXC- Closed mouth 17" Kimberly by Tomy, hard plastic with vinyl head, blonde rooted hair and blue eyes, redressed $15.00
Drew Convention Doll MIB- 2001 Tonner Convention centerpiece, Betsy's Perfect Birthday Drew doll, 14" all vinyl dressed in Birthday Party outfit of light mauve and tan taffeta with matching slip and panties, rare outfit. Comes with original box which does show a little wear. reduced $189.00
Millennium Betsy MIB- 2000 Tonner Millennium Betsy 14" all vinyl jointed doll with box, box may show a little wear $89.00


19" My Pretty Baby

MINT- 1979 Uneeda "My Pretty Baby" soft body baby doll with molded hair, vinyl head, hands and legs, blue-gray sleep eyes with lashes. Wears knitted red/white outfit. I've often seen this doll called Baby Glee, albeit incorrectly- the box the doll originally came in doesn't say anything other than Pretty Baby (no box with this doll). Unplayed with, new condition


Various Makers- Odds n Ends

1974 Dam Troll Baby Boy EXC- Norfin anatomically correct African American 1974 Thomas Dam 11" baby boy troll doll with rooted hair, redressed very appropriately and in excellent condition PICTURE 2  PICTURE 3 $50.00
1974 Dam Troll Baby Girl MINT-Norfin anatomically correct 1974 Thomas Dam 12" baby girl doll with blonde rooted hair, wearing original outfit and has hangtag. Elastic has relaxed in her pants. PICTURE 2  PICTURE 3 $50.00
 Wang's International Girl NM- 1991 Wang's International "Gimme A Hug" dress me large size craft doll apprx. 21" if she weren't in a sitting position. She was made to be a shelf sitter and is not a toy for children. She's been here awhile but apparently is never going to get dressed, somebody needs to make her beautiful. She has big brown inset eyes and wears an auburn braided wig. She has a muslin stuffed body and hard vinyl limbs and head (supposed to resemble porcelain I believe) Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 $18.00
 7 Little Dolls EXC- A group of seven small dolls ranging from 2" to 3" tall, all in nice condition, sold as shown $15.00
 3 Little Fairy Dolls EXC- Three little fairy or butterfly dolls, 2" to 2.5" tall. The green one has a button on its head that makes a red blinking light under the wings when pushed, stops on its own: She is marked Winx Club 2005 Rainbow. Don't see any maker on the one with yellow hair, she has a bendable waist and moveable head. The chubby red head is marked Mattel 2006 Indonesia $15.00
Middleton Little Angel EXC- 14" Lee Middleton Little Angel, 1979 (stamped on the back of her neck). She is all jointed vinyl and has inset blue inset eyes with painted lashes, blonde wig, all original outfit. The glue in her shoes has yellowed around the edges as seen in the picture (they all did this) and the elastic in her outfit has relaxed out. Wearing pastel blue dress with matching panties and hat. Never played with, only displayed Little Angel Pic 2 $24.00
Zapf Chou Chou NM- 2002 African American Zapf Creation baby doll CHOU CHOU. Near mint, body like new and very clean, works like she should when you touch the pacifier inside her mouth and push the  button- she giggles and coos(3 AA batteries not included). Made in Germany, 19" soft body doll with vinyl head and limbs Picture 2 Picture 3 $18.00
23" Sock Monkey 1 MINT- 23" handmade Sock monkey I made from new XL size Rockford red heel socks. I may offer a couple of these monkeys from time to time, however they're not one of my favorite things to make (tedious, time consuming, and involve a lot of hand sewing). I also came up with a simple dress pattern for them- the dress the monkey is wearing in the picture, is the one you will get with your monkey. I have used button eyes so they are not suitable for children under three years old. Sock Monkey 1-b $25.00
23" Sock Monkey 2 MINT- 23" handmade Sock monkey I made from new XL size Rockford red heel socks. I also came up with a simple dress pattern for them- the dress the monkey is wearing in the picture, is the one you will get with your monkey. I have used button eyes so they are not suitable for children under three years old. Sock Monkey 2-b $25.00
23" Sock Monkey 3 MINT- 23" handmade Sock monkey I made from new XL size Rockford red heel socks. I also came up with a simple dress pattern for them- the dress the monkey is wearing in the picture, is the one you will get with your monkey. I have used button eyes so they are not suitable for children under three years old $25.00
18" Severino Baby EXC- 18" vinyl and cloth baby doll with unusual pink inset eyes. Michelle Severino, 1995 is embossed on the back of her head. Her cloth body is weighted and she has a movable head, arms, and legs. Her hair is a sandy blonde wig- not rooted. I've not been able to find any info on her so have no idea if she has a name. She is redressed in mint outfit (original to Oopsie Daisy) and will arrive just as pictured Picture 2 $35.00
Pullip Squall MIB- Pullip Squall by Jun Planning, 2003. 12" hard plastic doll with oversized head similar to the Kenner Blythe doll. Squall has brown eyes with two tiny stars in them and black rooted hair. She is fully articulated in many places and can pose just about any way you want her too. She has three buttons on the back of her head which make her wink or shift her eyes from side to side. She was out of her box for a short time and displayed here in the Den. Her hair has been trimmed on the ends, about two inches was cut off. She could benefit from getting more cut off in my opinion. They put way too much hair on this particular doll and it pulls her head over to one side because of the weight. It's some better now, but it wouldn't hurt to cut even more off. Tote bag and hair clip were never removed from her box. She is like new and was not played with, only displayed shortly then returned to her box. Squall is one of the early production Pullips, therefore has the visible screws that can be tightened if needed $70.00
23" My Twinn-1 EXC- 23" fully posable My Twinn doll. Her neck is stamped My Twinn, 1996. Body is tagged 2002. Flesh colored, knit body fabric with some pilling in upper back. She has dark blue eyes and long dark blonde (or ash brown) hair. Hair is original but is not glued down in case you want to rewig her, is slightly frizzy near ends. She is wearing a very nice custom made dress that buttons down the back. She has been lightly played with but is very clean. Her lashes aren't terrible, but she could use a replacement on the left eye. She is wearing original My Twinn white sneakers and socks. Another Picture $65.00
23" My Twinn-3 EXC- 23" fully posable My Twinn doll. Her head is stamped My Twinn 1996, body tag says 2007, medium length blonde hair with dark blue eyes, nice lashes. Flesh colored knit body fabric, wearing My Twinn outfit as pictured, no shoes $60.00
Russ Tracey Troll MWT- 7" shapely girl troll, green hair, wearing pink/black workout clothes $6.00
Red Rose Doll EXC- 1995 LCD & Associates- manufactured by YES! Entertainment Corp., 6" plastic red rose slowly opens up w/lever to reveal baby on swing inside $12.00


 Vogue Brikette

MINT- Vogue-Lesney 16" Brikette doll with her quirky little face and oodles of blonde curly hair, blue sleep eyes with long lashes. All original in her brown cotton calico dress with coordinating apron and straw bonnet. *I did notice some of the darker color of her shoes has rubbed onto her tights, not noticeable unless you remove her shoes- it's not on her feet just on the tights.

 16" Ginny Baby EXC- 1960's all vinyl 16" Vogue Ginny Baby, platinum blonde, redressed. Left eye sometimes sticks and needs help opening but not bad, all lashes intact $12.00
1950's Vogue Ginny EXC- 1950's 8" Vogue Ginny bent knee walker, dark blue sleep eyes, molded lashes, wearing non-original outfit. Hard plastic with jointed knees. Blonde wig is thin in places but appears to be original, no other problems. She turns her head and the walking mechanism works just as it should Ginny Pic 2  Ginny Pic 3 $45.00

Welcome Home Baby

MIB- 1979 22" Vogue life size doll "Welcome Home Baby Turns Two". Vinyl head and limbs, wispy blonde rooted hair, blue sleep eyes, soft foam body. Wearing white eyelet pinafore and pink dress, white shoes and socks. Unplayed with and in new condition. Cello is missing from front of box (this is a big box) $60.00

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