Guarantee & Return Policy

My Guarantee

Dollmama's Den takes pride in offering clean vintage dolls and toys. Occasionally I will have new dolls, but for the most part I am selling vintage dolls that have been circulated, either through play or display at one time or another. Unless a doll is stated as NRFB or MINT, you should assume it is not. Dollmama's Den is clean and smoke free, I do have one little puppy boy that lives here. He is not allowed in the doll room though. I have no way of knowing if an item has ever been exposed to smoke or any other element before arriving to the Den. If there is a noticeable odor, I will mention it. What I can guarantee: all items I offer will arrive to you in the condition I state. I inspect all dolls without any clothing before grading them. I focus more on the doll itself rather than the clothing it may be wearing, especially if it's a redressed doll.

Return Policy

I will accept a pre-approved return if by chance you should receive an item that mismatches it's description, has a major flaw that I have inadvertently overlooked, or you have received the wrong item (whew! that hasn't happened yet). Please email me and let me know about any of those problems immediately upon receipt and I will give you a 100% refund upon return. Item must be returned to me in the same condition as it left the Den. Condition is all I can guarantee on vintage items, nothing more. I can only assume you know what you are purchasing. If not, please ask questions first. I do not accept returns on new or NRFB items. If you make a purchase and later decide you can't use it, it wasn't what you thought, or perhaps you found it for a lesser price on another website, I will not give a refund for any of those reasons. I am confident you will be happy with your purchase from Dollmama's Den. Thank you for your time.